One pulling out in front for Sunshine LB?

One pulling out in front for Sunshine LB?

The 6' 3", 215-pound linebacker out of Pensacola just saw his team take his record to 9-0. Now they face Milton in the last regular season game. Could his recruitment also be winding down? To learn more, click below.

"We beat Chipley 14-7 Friday," added an excited Demarius Rancifer. "I had 8 total tackles in the game and 2 tackles for losses. We play Milton Friday and then we start the playoffs. We have already won conference so we are going to have two more home games. I at least like to think that way (laugh). I can't believe it has gone by so fast. This is it, pretty much."

Demarius reported last that he was going to attend a Kentucky football game this month. Is that still in the plans?

"Not yet, but I am going to set that date this week or maybe towards the end of the season. I just really want to go up there for a visit and see the school. It might be for a game, but I am definitely going to take an official visit up there and look at the school."

What is going on with West Virginia?

"They actually called me the other day. I am going to get back with them this week and maybe set up an official visit with them when my season ends."

Has Michigan been in touch lately?

"Yes, James Elliott is talking to them hard so I was going to go up there with him but nothing has been set up yet."

What about Ole Miss?

"I am going to try and make it up there for the Ole Miss/MSU game unofficially."

And Louisville?

"I was going to call them this week. They have been sending a lot of letters, but I have not talked to Coach (Ron) Dugans in a while so I am going to see what they have to say."

Is there anybody else calling that we have not gone over?

"That is pretty much it. Those are the main schools right there."

Who is showing the most interest?

"Right now Ole Miss is. That visit they just showed me a lot of love, a lot of love. I have been talking to their coaches a lot. I really have not been anywhere else outside of Ole Miss and Louisville though. They showed me some love at Louisville, but that was during the Spring so it has been a minute."

Is Rancifer close to pulling the trigger?

"Maybe in December. That is when I want to do it, but I am getting a pretty good idea so I might do it by the end of the month. I just do not know yet."

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