Johnson shakes up list

Johnson shakes up list

Osseo, Minn., tight end Will Johnson had Iowa, Ole Miss, and Minnesota at the top of his list since this past spring but things have been shaken up as of late.

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"West Virginia, Miami, Ole Miss, and Oregon have been the schools that I have been keeping in contact with a lot," added Will Johnson. "Minnesota too. Iowa is a good school but I have not even had any communication with them in the past month and half, so."

One of his early leaders, Ole Miss, recently let go their head coach in Houston Nutt.

"They have not called me yet about that situation but whoever comes in will say a lot about what I am going to do with Ole Miss. Their new coach needs to verify with me that I still have my offer. It is a good school so I hope their new staff feels the same as their old one did. I really liked it down there on my visits. I did not know this was coming (with Nutt's dismissal) so I really do not know what to say. I have not talked to them yet about everything."

Minnesota, along with Ole Miss and Iowa, have been a long favorite.

"For them it is just their staff. I really like those guys. They just seem like a good staff to play for. They offered me as a tight and are looking for me to start playing as soon as I get there. That's always big."'s #38 rated tight end is also being looked at for defensive end but would rather stay on the offenisve side of the ball on the next level.

"Miami said they were recruiting me as a tight end. They want to meet me in person and get me down there as soon as possible. They are definitely recruiting me as a tight end and some other schools do not know yet where I will play. I could play linebacker, defensive end, or tight end with them but Miami definitely likes me at tight end."

"Oregon brought a coach over here and talked to me about their offense. They play fast and let their athletes make plays. They just play football at Oregon. They graduate their players and it's just a top notch impressive program."

Have the new schools on his list, West Virginia/Oregon/Miami, offered yet?

"Miami just started getting in contact and they are going to bring me down there for a visit in December. West Virginia has been the same way. If I decide to go over there for an official visit I think they are going to offer. They have a good coach and I am definitely interested in them. I also like the fact that they have a stable coaching staff. Oregon came over to scout me and were impressed. They just do not know yet if they are going to offer me as a tight end or defensive end, so."

Will's season ended last Friday in the Regional Finals to Wayzato. They finished the year 9-2.

"We won some big games and beat some good teams. I think definitely my speed and knowledge of the game improved. Last year I just felt like I was playing football but this year they seemed like small because I was so much more experienced. I played much quicker."

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